Here on the console page we will show you how to spawn NPC characters and vehicles we will also display console commands that can be used in the console

Type /npc spawn <name> in the console

alora Enemy  
atst Enemy walking unit  
assassin_droid Shield Protected Droid  
bartender Chriss Species bartender just like in JK2  
bespincop Bespin local cop seen in movie  
boba_fett Boba Fett  
chewie Chewbacca  
cultist Blaster carrying  cultist  
cultist_destroyer no image  
cultist_drain Force drain using cultist  
cultist_grip Force grip using cultist  
cultist_lightning Force lighting using cultist  
cultist_saber LightSaber using cultist  
cultist_saber_powers no image  
cultistcommando dual blaster carrying cultist  
desann JK2 Main Boss  
elder Generic Man  
galak JK2 Imperial Admiral  
galak_mech no image  
gonk eg-6 power droid (useless)  
gran Gran species alien  
hazardtrooper Heavy assault storm troopers  
howler Screaming lizard  
human_merc Blaster carrying  man  
impcommander Imperial commander  
imperial Imperial Officer  
impofficer Imperial Officer  
impworker Imperial Worker  
interrogator Interrogator droid  
jan Jan Ores From JK2  
jawa Jawa  
jedi Generic Jedi  
jedi_random Random jedi  
jedif Jan Ores with a LightSaber  
jedimaster Older Jedi  
jeditrainer Jedi Trainer from JK2  
kyle Kyle Katarn  
lando Lando Calrissian  
luke Luke Skywalker  
mark1 no image  
mark2 no image  
merchant Blaster Carrying man  
minemonster no image  
monmothma Mon Mothma  
morgankatarn Kyle Kartarn's father  
noghri Noghri species alien  
nulldriver Spawns glitchy Kyle  
player Spawns a mirror of your player  
prisoner Prisoner from JK2  
probe Imperial Probe droid  
protocol C-3PO Droid  
protocol_imp Imperial C-3PO  
r2d2 R2-D2  
r2d2_imp Imperial  R2-D2  
r5d2 Droid  
r5d2_imp Imperial Droid  
ragnos JKA Main Boss  
rancor Rancor  
rax Fat Man  
rebel Generic Rebel  
rebel2 Generic Rebel  
reborn Reborn from JK2  
reborn_dual New Reborn with two LightSabers  
reborn_new New Reborn  
reborn_staff New Reborn with LightSabers Staff  
reborn_twin no image  
rebornacrobat JK2 Reborn, no texture  
rebornboss JK2 Reborn boss  
rebornchiss Chiss Species Reborn  
rebornfencer JK2 Reborn, no texture  
rebornforceuser JK2 Reborn, no texture  
rebornrodian Reborn Rodian  
reborntrandoshan Reborn Trandoshan  
rebornweequay Reborn  Weequay  
reelo Jk2 mini boss  
remote no images  
rockettrooper Rocket launcher carrying Storm Trooper  
rockettrooper2 Flying rocket launcher carrying Heavy Storm Trooper  
rocks Pile of rocks  
rodian Rodian species alien  
rosh_penin Rosh Penin  
saber_droid Saber carrying droid  
saboteur Imperial blaster Trooper  
saboteurpistol Imperial pistol Trooper  
saboteursniper Imperial sniper Trooper  
sand_creature Sand Creature  
sentry Imperial Seeking droid  
shadowtrooper JK2 Shadow trooper  
snowtrooper Imperial Snow Trooper  
stcommander Storm Trooper Commander  
stofficer Storm Trooper Officer  
stofficeralt Storm Trooper Officer  
stormpilot Tie fighter Pilot  
stormtrooper Storm Trooper  
swamptrooper JK2 Swamp troopers  
weequay Weequay species alien  
tavion Tavion JK2 version  
tavion_new Tavion JKA version  
test Standard Storm Trooper  
trandoshan Trandoshan species alien  
tusken Tusken Raider  
tuskensniper Tusken with Tusken rifle  
ugnaught Ugnaught species alien  
wampa Wampa Snow Beast  
mutant_rancor  Hugh Mutated Rancor  
glider no images  
tavion_scepter  Tavion with the scepter of Ragnos  
jedi2 Generic Jedi  

Type /npc spawn vehicle <vehicle name> in the console

atst_vehicle All Terrain Scout Transport  
lambdashuttle Imperial Lambda-class shuttle  
rancor_vehicle Ride able Rancor  
swoop Speeder Bike  
tie-bomber TIE bomber  
tie-fighter TIE fighter  
wampa-vehicle Ride able Wampa  
x-wing X-wing Starfighter  
yt-1300 Millennium Falcon  
z-95 Z-95 Headhunter  
wildtauntaun Tauntaun  
tauntaun Domesticated Tauntaun  


Type Devmap before map name in the console

academy1 Yavin training grounds  
academy2 Hoth Mission given by Luke Skywalker  
academy3 choose Nar Kreeta, Zonju V, Kril'Dor, Corusant, Dosuun  
academy4 Vaders Castle map  
academy5 Choose Chandrilla, Tanaab, Yalara, Byss, Ord Mantell  
academy6 Taspir Mission  
hoth2 1st part of Hoth Mission given by Luke Skywalker  
hoth3 2nd part of Hoth Mission (fight Alora for the 1st time)  
kor1 1st part of Ragnos temple mission (Last mission)  
kor2 2nd part of Ragnos temple mission (Last mission)  
t1_danger Sand creature mission  
t1_fatal Bakura map  
t1_inter Choose Tatoonie, Tatoonie, Bakura, Blenjeel, Corellia  
t1_rail Corellia Map (Nicest effect on a map)  
t1_sour Tatoonie map (Chewbacca)  
t1_surprise Tatoonie map (Sand Crawler)  
t2_dpred Escape From Rax's Prison  
t2_rancor  Save Prisoners from Rancor  
t2_rogue Corusant map  
t2_trip Swoop bike map  
t2_wedge Bespin Gas Factory map  
t3_bounty Boba Fett Map  
t3_byss Byss Map  
t3_hevil Noghri  Cloaking Device map  
t3_rift Jedi Tomb Map  
t3_stamp Mutated Rancor map  
taspir1 Part 1 of Taspir map  
taspir2 Part 2 of Taspir map (You choose the Dark or Light path)  
vjun1 Part 1 of Vader's Castle  
vjun2 Part 2 of Vader's Castle  
vjun3 Part 3 of Vader's Castle  
yavin1 Journey to the Academy after crash  
yavin1b ?, same as first I think  
yavin2 Yavin training grounds  


Type helpusobi 1 in the console to enable

god God mode  
noclip No clipping mode  
notarget Enemies will ignore you  
kill Kill yourself  
give all Gives all weapons and health and gives you maximum armor  
give health Gives 100% health  
give armor Gives 100% armor  
give ammo Gives 100% ammo  
give X # Give item X (#=amount)  
give weaponnum # Give that weapon (#=0-9)  
npc kill all Kill all non-player characters  
npc spawn X Spawns NPC X (X=name)  
setForceAll # Sets Force Level of All Abilities (#=1, 2 ,3 or 4)  
victory Plays a sound  
where Tells you where an entity is  
levelshot Switches to a nice level overview and writes a screenshot  
setviewpos Change to the corresponding coordinates and angle  
undying Like God mode, it gives you 999 health.  

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