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Big Rearrangement
We Have made a new page called Downloads to replace our models, maps and files page. This will put everything in one place to be easier to find. 12 new clans have also been added today CK, MFEA, DEA, TYA, MGL, HUN, RST, FRK, $A, LW, FSW, KR. Along with this two new additions we have finally started taking advertisements. If your looking to advertise your site, program or clan go ahead and check out our rates on our advertising page.

New Release
JediMoves JA+ 1.8c has been released and can be downloaded on our JediMoves JA page. Some of the new features are a new Highlander type of game play (read the forums or read me for details,  and some other cool new features. Also AOTC:TC team is looking for some help so if your a mapper, modeler or a texture artist and would like to help click here to give a hand.

Clan update
Today has brought 11 new clans to our pages. JM, SITH, JSL, FETT, HK, JL2, AF, CW, FSW, EDJ, and PJO have been added. Oh ya and we have also updated our Links page and you can find a lot of cool links there.

Asteroids detected Sir!
the High end mod Asteroids has been released. This mod was helped by some people from Raven software. you can download it here. I'm working on some new scenes and content so that's why I haven't updated as much as before. but this will soon be back to normal. Oh ya and we have finally reached over 100,000 visits since we opened :) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

File Migration
We have two maps uploaded to pcgamemods.com, DOTF and the Trade Federation map. You can download them by going to our maps page. The Scout Trooper model along with a AT-AT pilot are now available on the empire models page.

Raven releases
There is a really cool new siege map that can be downloaded here, it the Star Destroyer and also a new siege map tutorial to help build maps, you can get that here.

More, More and More
We have added 13 new clans to our site today S&JO, DX3, BW, RR, KOF, FJA, PE, OLDS, EDJ, ROTJ, BSJ, HJF and DTA. And the first version of the Boonta eve race map is out and can be downloaded here

A new beginning
Today our bandwidth cycles starts over again and we have decided to put the download on hold again since 65GB transfers aren't enough we are going to see if pcgamemods.com will host some but for the mean time we will only turn on a couple of the downloads later on this month.
We also have a new FOTW, the auto replier.

We have also posted the Psyk0Sith interview today. you can of course find it on the interview page and read what the guy has to say. Enjoy

Your guys are pigs!!!
Bandwidth pigs that is. To save me from having to pay for any extra bandwidth I have turn the downloads off until my next billing period. So I don't want to get emails from retards saying why the downloads don't work I know you guys are smarter then that.

Small update
We have caught a potential problem with the JediMoves JA+ 1.8. it was a small coding problem. It has been fixed and can now be downloaded on our mod page. w have also released the command list that can also be found on our mod page.

Ok I lied
I cant stay away, we have released JediMoves JA+ 1.8, you can download it on the Mod page.

Communications are up sir
JediMoves.com now has a forum of its own so that you all can talk to each other, announce upcoming projects, oh ya and setup Clan matches in the clan VS page. So have fun and get writing because we want to know what you think of it
Well since I have made lots of updates lately I think I deserve a little break so I probably wont be updating for the next couple of days.

New Rides
Moonsidetide has beta released his two great models the Ackley and the original speeder bike. go to our  vehicles model page to download them.

Thank you for waiting....
Duncan 10158 has finished a beta of Sebulba's pod racer, it look amazing. Right now he's working out some kinks and I believe he will be building other pods as well. We have forwarded the beta to James Culley so he can test it out with what he has of the Boonta Eve map so far. We here at JediMoves.com will be waiting to see what comes next. head over to our request page to see some screens of the map and pod. Great job guys.

Update our links
We have fixed the html code for our link badges. They all work now and we would like to apologize for the inconvenience. Go to our link page for the new code

Request have been heard
Scottrooper has taken on the challenge of making the Ewoks :) and Sith-J-Cull has provided us with some screens of the new Boonta Eve map he is making, Sith-J-Cull is the mapper responsible for bringing Dex's Dinner to life and will also be working on Padme's Apartment. you can see all these updates on our request page

Droideka Beta Test and new model
Yesterday I was invited to attend Duncan's beta testing of his Droideka model. Everything went fine with the exception of some small bugs, I believe this model is ready and will be out soon. We will be putting support for the model in of own JediMoves JA+ mod since you need a mod to have this model work right. here are d=some pictures of the test, enjoy. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Anakin's Jedi Starfighter is now available on our models page it is really nice. thanks guys for the model

Clans, Clans, and more Clans
we have added 9 clans today, NJO, WSA, JEO, RJK, SL, RS, AOTJ, SITHUK, YJK, CK, TDC, and ROR. that's it just a small update for today.

Thank you for waiting....
Yes... they are back. the downloads that is. All our downloads come with our custom JediMoves.com installers which makes installing this files a peace of cake so don't be scared if you've never installed a map, skin or vehicle before. Some other good news is that beta testing for the droideka model has began, you can contact Duncan here if you would like to participate.

JediMoves.com Official MOD launch
Today We have announced our official Mod. Slider is the maker of this great mod and let me tell you.... this mod is a most have, it has model scaling, emotes and much more go and download it today. plus it super easy to install and uninstall thanks to us. We have also added a new scene made by Mark Evans it can be found on out scenes page.

It's Coming Soon
- Well everyone I have some good news, We have finally secured a hosting site that can meet our needs. All that needs to be done is for me to get the Server info and upload our files after that you'll be able to download all of our models and maps you want.
- Some other great news,
Manquesa has finish his work on the Asteroids Mod and is now back to work on his Slave I model.
- AOTC:TC sister MOD Clone Wars MOD has made an announcement that they are looking for some help. If you can help out give back to the community and do so you can email the project leader here.

Calling all modelers, JediMoves needs your help
We need someone to make a Pod Racer vehicle for an upcoming map that we are planning on releasing with the help of Sith-J-Cull. We would need this model ASAP and it would be place in the release of the map in question. If you can do it you will definitely be given the credit for your work. contact us to let us know if you would like to take on the job.

They are finally here
I know, I know.... It's about time that the Doublesaber movies have been released. I have just been to busy with trying to get other material for the site. Now that things have slowed down a bit I now have had enough time to finish them so go and check them out and enjoy. NOKILL, the guy who is making the Endor siege map has provided us with a beta of the map so we can see how things are coming along. Make sure to let him know what you think and any suggestions you may have. you can download it on our request page.

New Map Discovered
I was cursing around the JK sites to see if there was anything else going on besides lucasforums.com taking a face plant and came across this new map from some guy that I never heard about, I is very impressive especially the skybox. you can check it out on our maps page.

More Clans
Today we have a small update, we have added 9 clans, SAF, GJG, WF, GG, RS, JASA, AOJ, DOF, and TSS. so if your looking for a clan to join go and check them out. Who now you might meet some real cool people.

Two big announcements today
A new interview is available today. It's with the amazing NeoMars1, this guy has a lot of great view and stuff to say. You should go and check it out, you'll enjoy it. On another topic Duncan_10158 has done it again he has taken on another mission impossible thanks to use. We had asked him if it was possible to build a AT-AT, well that got him thinking and now he has started making it. You can see a video of it walking on our on request page.

The JediMoves Scenes are up and running
As some of you have seen we have added two new scenes to our title image, you can now go ahead and check them plus 3 other scenes on our scene page. We have also added a new File of the week. It is an amazing server program from the guys at Gamerunners.com that lets you do anything as far as customizing. Plus its pretty easy to use. you can grab it on our files page.
*JediMoves needs your help, we are looking for a script that we can put on this page that will let use start a game in a desired server simply by clicking on it, I seen this done somewhere but forgot where, any help would be appreciated.

The TehJumpingJawa has struck again
TehJumpingJawa has submitted 24 new jumps, you can find them on our moves page under Map Exploits 2. We have also started working on some new scenes and should have one up maybe tomorrow.

"Why Our Downloads are down"
first, Happy New Year. Second to answer all of your guys questions "Our downloads are down because we don't have enough transfer bandwidth for them, we have an allowable 25GB transfer right now but we where estimated to reach 38GB in transfers by the end of our monthly cycle. that was just with the 60% of files that we had put up." Sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking for a why to overcome this, we have something in the works but its one if those friend deals.
We have also added some more Player requested models, so you modelers out there looking for something to do go and check them out.   

More Allies have arrived
8 New clans have been added. <(JRB)>, ]CFS[ , RGN, [>|RGN|<], MLD, {JaWa}, -<A>-, |TF|, and [HR]. we have also added some new requested models that we have been asked to post.

12/20/03 - His name is Duncan 10158
We have updated our hosting company so we shouldn't have anymore problems with that site going down anymore. On a good note we have put up our 2nd interview with Duncan 10158. he has been resonsible for releasing some really intresting models such as subulba and the new upcoming Hellfire Droid.

More Clans
small update today, we have added 6 new clans along with a new country (Belgium) to out clan map. Now.... there might be a small time before I do another update (couple of days) because SWG released vehicles today :)

First Interview is up
Head over to our interview page to read our first interview with the modeler Aaron Smith. We also will be placing new interviews up, including Duncan 10158, MajorClod, PsykoSith, NeoMars1 and many more

Jump, Jump
 TehJumpingJawa has submitted some great moves to our moves page which makes it the first to arrive on our moves page. there should be some more come.

It Has Happen!!!! JediMoves.com can now die in peace.
Anakin Skywalker has been released!!!!!! you can get it on our models page.

Anakin Skywalker is coming
Today the JK community received some good news, Kevin Coyle has return to the forums with some pictures of his Anakin Skywalker already in-game. it looks awesome, one of the best likenesses of a model out there. Kevin Coyle said he will first release the model to the JK2 community then to the JKA community.
Yesterday Aaron Smith has released his Jedi Starfighter. you can get it here. It looks great and has some really nice features which include moving R2 unit. custom HUD and nice exhaust jets, plus a very slick transparent cockpit.

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